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Advancing Collaboration Across a Rapidly Evolving Space Enterprise

Aerospace is dedicated to delivering mission success from an enterprise perspective, supporting its government customers with continuous engagement and a unique perspective that spans across a broad range of mission areas.

Mission Success

Spanning all stages of the space lifecycle, from concept to operations, mission success at Aerospace is the result of decades of experience, a highly-skilled technical staff, and specialized tools developed to tackle the challenges of space.
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Space Exploration

As technology puts new horizons within reach, Aerospace is helping humanity explore our galaxy from the Moon to Mars and beyond.
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GPS III-5’s Successful Delivery on Reused Booster Marks Major Milestone

Aerospace supported the successful delivery of the fifth GPS III space vehicle (SV05) into a medium Earth transfer orbit. The mission marked the first time a previously flown booster was used for a National Security Space Launch (NSSL), which Aerospace had been at the forefront in defining standards and criteria for reuse and was actively engaged in reuse non-recurring design validation (NRDV).
Aurora Borealis from the ISS

ECP-Lite to Understand Space Weather’s Impact on Spacecraft

Space weather can affect every mission. Aerospace engineers and scientists’ newest innovation can help identify how such hazards affect critical space systems.

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